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Simplifying Hadoop Data Migration to the Cloud to Enable Modern Data Analytics


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Your organization’s big data belongs in the cloud. Why? It’s flexible and scalable, and it offers affordable storage and modern analytics platform to accelerate and enhance your business outcomes. One of the biggest hurdles of adopting the cloud and leveraging modern analytics platforms has been the challenge of data migration.

WANdisco, Databricks, and Neudesic Offer

For a customer who

  • Has a monolithic Hadoop cluster for data lake and/or analytics
  • Needs to migrate Hadoop Data as-is to Azure Data Lake Store 
  • Wants to decouple persistent clusters, separating storage from compute
  • Is looking to expand analytics capabilities and fully leverage Databricks as a unified analytics platform

We will deliver

Free Cloud Migration Jumpstart Offer including architectural design session and pilot migration of up to 5TB of data while keeping both environments in sync using WANdisco without imposing downtime or disruption to on-premise service.

Following this process

  • Architectural Design Session (3 Days Free for qualified customers) — validate a use case, design future state and select pilot scope
  • Pilot Migration (1 Week Free) — Neudesic will leverage WANdisco to migrate up to 5TB of data
  • Full Migration (Priced Separately, 2-4 Months) — Migrate remaining data 
  • Analytics (Priced Separately) — Unlock advanced Azure workloads for Analytics including Databricks

Targeting this customer profile

  • Existing Hadoop Workloads limited by persistence and monolithic implementations of a single large cluster supporting many use cases 
  • Greater than 100TB of data to migrate 
  • Databricks users or those committed to future consumption (optional)

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