Find out how banks and financial service providers can cut regulatory and brand risk, based on a new operational model of always-available data

Banking regulators are scrutinizing the impact of inconsistent customer and financial data, looking closely at the business risks of system failure. Operating within very tight budgets, how can banks find commercially attractive solutions that comply with regulatory demands, embed disaster recovery and data resilience, and enable competitive advantage?

This whitepaper will give you insights, details, and concrete scenarios.

WANdisco's ability to move petabytes of data without interrupting production and without risk of losing the data midflight is something no other vendor does.

Merv Adrian, Gartner Research Vice President of Data and Analytics

What can WANdisco do for you?

If you want to migrate terabytes and petabytes of business-critical data and applications to the cloud — quickly, accurately and cost-effectively — discover how our data migration and replication platform is helping top companies achieve what many believe is not possible.

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Financial Services and Global Data Accessibility

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What you can expect

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

  • 100% and immediate data availabilty during migration
  • High scalability and better performance with big data sizes
  • Unaffected by outages
  • Migrate in days vs. months or years
 Data Consistency

Data Consistency

  • Consistency of beneficiary data and apps is ensured as migration occurs
  • No manual intervention needed for out-of-sync conditions
Cost avoidance

Cost Avoidance

  • No code maintenance or manual migration
  • No repeated scans of source storage
  • Compatible with all cloud vendors
  • No "big bang" cutover for applications