Run advanced Spark-based cloud analytics on your Hadoop data in minutes


Trying to leverage advanced Spark-based cloud analytics?

Stop wasting your time with manual migrations. Discover hands-on how WANdisco LiveAnalytics provides an automated, zero downtime solution to the challenges of migration and replication of Hadoop data and Hive Metadata to Databricks’ Spark-based cloud analytics solution. Run analytics while you migrate for instant insights

Try it for yourself with a 14-day free trial of WANdisco
LiveAnalytics for Azure Databricks

Start using an Apache Spark-based analytics platform in minutes with WANdisco LiveAnalytics for Azure Databricks.


Set it up

Access the sandbox environment with WANdisco Fusion UI


Start migration

Live replicate up to 100GB of sample data and metadata


Analyze data

Access your Databricks environment on Microsoft Azure

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